Outdoor Living


Outdoor Living


Hardscapes designed to improve your property with looks to please.


Softscapes to provide color and comfort to your property and enhance grounds.


Masonry to offer the quality and personal touch to make your property stand out.


Lighting and water features to create the tone and ambiance of tranquility. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Going beyond a traditional yard to create the type of space your family has always wanted.

Play. Work. Live.
Be Outdoor.

RD Outdoor has the Experience & Passion to Push the Boundary. Take your Lifestyle Outdoor this year!


Outdoor Living

Creating the spaces where you will want to be.

Outdoor Kitchens & Hosting Spaces

Whether it’s Family Dinner, a party for a Friend, or even Formal, you want an Outdoor Living area that will exceed everyone’s expectations. Trust RD Outdoor to design and execute the perfect Kitchen or Hosting Space for your particular needs. We’re going to leave the cooking to you though!

Outdoor Living - Gatherings

A gathering space for all to enjoy.

Firepits, Fireplaces, and Gathering Spaces

You always hear that the human enjoyment of fire is something primal. Sure, it could be, and probably is, but we recommend that you enjoy your new Firepit and Gathering Space for what it means to you today. Take time to enjoy the moment, the here and now. Explore the nuance between primal and eternal. Know how good it feels to let time pass by. Let RD Outdoor create an Outdoor Living Space where you can take a moment, or several, and find yourself.


The right ambiance for your outdoor space.

Lighting Elements

Finding yourself in darkness underneath the twinkling starlight, is an awesome, and wonderfully humbling feeling. And it’s always available to you, every night. For those who have already been humbled, or would rather not be, the glow of light is obviously superior. Adding Lighting Elements to your Outdoor Living environment gives you the power. Power to keep Playing, keep Working, keep Living, and to be Outdoor. Let RD Outdoor design and execute Lighting Elements to give you the Power to Push Boundaries.


Fountains and other water features to offer tranquility in your backyard.

Water Features

Sound is the most often forgotten element of landscape design. And while Water Features are visually appealing, even beautiful, the din of a babbling brook offers some of the most transformative effects on a landscape. Indeed, any steady sound of water will immediately create a lasting ambiance of a sustainable, hospitable, welcoming environment. RD Outdoor can design and execute Water Features in your Outdoor Living space that will, quite literally, bring new life to your home.


Structures that offer quality and longevity.

Hardscape Installation

At the core, Hardscape Installation is Man vs. Nature. Each passing year is the attrition of countless natural forces wearing down the man made structures in your environment. This is especially true in New England where the freeze-thaw cycle can wreak havoc on poorly installed Hardscapes. It takes the knowledge of an experienced Hardscaper to triumph over the test of time. RD Outdoor uses expert Project Management skills to train our Team on a proven Order of Operations that consistently ensures the exact precision that is required during the Installation Process. Nature will exploit any missed detail, and that is ultimately the difference in maintaining quality over 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years. Ask us what details are the most important and why.


Creating the outdoor space to enjoy your time at home.

Patios & Flatwork

Being firm footed upon the earth is good, but upon the stone is better. The team at RD Outdoor crafts their Patios & Flatwork for quality and durability. Built from the depths of cool subterranean soil and transcending finally to the warm sun kissed stone top. Bare feet are welcome here! Our Patios & Flatwork are meant to be, supposed to be, and you’ll know what we mean of course.

Outdoor Walls

Building a wall to increase the quality of your surroundings.

Wall Construction

In the old days of New England, a traveler who came across a tidy rock wall perceived the accompanying Farmstead to be an orderly operation of likely prosperity. The long runs of New England dry-laid walls would hint at certain values and ethos of the family, the stead, the farmer, the builder, and the mason. RD Outdoor’s Generational Masonry Heritage is to know all the clues, all the secrets of wall building. So, if you desire your Wall to be more than just a wall, ask us how.

Natural Stone

Stones used to enhance the look of your outdoor living space.

Natural Stone

There you are with a pile of stones, a bell hammer, and a cold chisel. What next? Few craftsmen can take such a limited arsenal of simple hand tools and transform that pile of natural stone to a feat of art and engineering. Those few craftsmen are Masonry Professionals. RD Outdoor’s Heritage, from three generations of local masons, is the experience and wisdom necessary to craft beauty from rock. We provide anything from stone veneer, dry-stack walls, patio or walkway flagging, accent boulders, and more. Mastery is a slow road, but rewarding for all those who partake in the journey.

Certified Paver

ICPI certified paver installation.

ICPI Certified Paver Installation

RD Outdoor’s Team has been Certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. What that means for you is Peace of Mind. When our team installs pavers for Your Project, we do it with the knowledge and skill from the Industry’s Standard Best Practices. To maintain ICPI Certification you must renew every two years, ensuring that our practices stay current with modern Hardscaping. We can spot a quality installation from a mile away, and we want you to see the difference too.

Traditional Masonry

Fireplaces, chimneys, and more to create the space you're looking for.

Masonry Services

The RD Outdoor story began, back in the day, with general Masonry Services such as chimneys, fireplaces, veneer, brick and block construction, and much more. Even though our focus today is on Outdoor Living and Hardscapes, we still love the traditional masonry offering. We are happy to provide our services to tackle any Masonry Project!
Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

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