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Winter Services


Snow Removal, including Commercial Plowing Services. 


Deicing Service, including commercial Salt and Sand Applications.

Professional Snow Removal & Ice Management

Serving The Seacoast of NH and Maine

Serving our clients when they need us most.

Fast Response

Emergency service during high impact storms.

24 Hours

A company you can count on for snow & ice management.


Commercial Snow Removal & Ice Management

Serving throughout the Seacoast of NH and Southern Maine.

Curb-to-Curb Quality

All of our plowing guarantees “Curb-to-Curb” quality. We know that you rely on having your entire parking lot and facilities available to you year round, so why compromise on space in the winter for snow storage? Work with our team to designate snow storage areas that will have your lot open in the winter, from “Curb-to-Curb.”

RD Outdoor stays informed and up-to-date, hour by hour, all winter long to monitor upcoming snow & ice conditions in our area. We want to be out there for you when the storm comes, so we stay alert for your protection.

When you call RD Outdoor with a Service Request, we respond to you and notify dispatch within the hour. We will mobilize and complete the Service Request within 4 hours of call time, often much sooner, but it does depend on driving conditions and prioritizing safety for everyone on the roads.


Commercial Snow Plowing

Here at RD Outdoor, our Commercial Plowing Service is more than just pushing snow. We train our Equipment & Plow Operators to approach each winter storm in three phases:

Safety Response

During this time we make sure that our operators are staying safe and are helping our clients keep their employees and customers safe as well.

Operations Response

At the earliest opportunity we will transition from Safety Response to Operations Response, where we tackle the bulk of the plowing and always 100% Curb-to-Curb Standard.

Service Response

Finally, as the storm concludes we return to the account and take care of any remaining tasks and handle any new accumulation. Talk to us about scheduling a “Next-Day Cleanup” if you need to coordinate vehicles to vacate an area that can not be accessed during the storm.

Deicing Service: Salt & Sand

RD Outdoor Deicing Service offers salt and sand applications to keep your commercial property safe. Our approach to Ice Management is different. To keep our Drivers and Clients safe, we use a myriad of methods to preempt the problem of icing before it arises.

Smart Plowing

When creating a site map for plowing we make sure to identify snow storage locations that maximize parking, but minimize melt water runoff. Snow melt runoff and refreeze causes more incidents of parking lot icing than precipitation. Knowing the terrain, knowing the drainage, and knowing our client’s needs help us reduce the costly impact of excess salt usage.

Variable Application Rate

Variable Application Rate: We train our Salt Team on more than just operating the spreader for maximum efficiency. We train on everything from Solution Concentration:Temperature ratios, TempDelta:Time ratios, Wind Chill effects, Ground Temp effects, Dew Point effects, knowledge of the materials being treated and knowledge of the materials being used for treatment. The more knowledge we have, the safer everyone will be. And the less salt wasted, the cleaner the environment!

Proper Timing & Discipline

Timing: We plan our Salt Route’s start times to maximize the treatment efficacy and to reduce unwanted traffic congestion. Timing is everything when it comes to effective Ice Management and driver’s safety.
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